Check out some of John Hansen’s Amazing Success Stories

Anthony Bimonte

Anthony Bimonte went from Dad Bod to Ripped Bod by using John’s Total Body Transformation Program.

Starting at a hefty weight of 263 pounds and a waist size of 43 inches, Anthony dropped 52 pounds and 6 inches off his waist in only 5 months. He was so motivated from his amazing transformation, Anthony decided to compete in a Men’s Physique competition weighing only 211 pounds with a 37 inch waist.


Mike Deagle

Mike Deagle used to lift weights regularly when he was younger. However, after getting married and working long hours at his new job, Mike let himself go and gained weight. When he came to see John to start his Total Body Transformation, Mike weighed 192 pounds and his waist was 37 inches. After five months of following John’s Training and Nutrition Program, Mike lost 32 pounds and his waist went down an amazing 8 inches. Mike competed in a Natural Bodybuilding Contest and took first place weighing 160 pounds with a tiny 29 1/2″ waist.

Mike Deagle